Always Learning

For the past three or so years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of teaching private lessons to many students of all ages – primarily in the area of piano/keyboards and in vocals as well. I never imagined I would love it so much…so much that I’ve decided to┬ámake music teaching and performance my full-time profession and to “always be learning” this craft.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve embarked on piano teacher courses through The Royal Conservatory, an institution of music education that I’ve aligned myself with for professional development. The mission of The Royal Conservatory is “to develop human potential through leadership in music and the arts”; this mission rings true in my own heart and convictions. For me, pursuing RCM Teacher Certification is not about achieving a feather in my cap, but all about helping your child (or you!) develop human potential via music to the best of my ability.

Good teachers are good students, I say!

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